No-hassle transactions

Coming to the conclusion that you need out of an MLM company is sometimes emotionally draining. Your company and upline may try to pressure you and subtly blame you because you haven’t seen success. They are very adept at making distributors that decide to quit feel like failures.

There are various ways to try to liquidate inventory and if you are willing to work hard, it is conceivable that you can recoup more money for your inventory than we will pay you. However, here is what you will go through:

  1. Endless PMs on Facebook or the platforms with potential customers trying to knock you down on price, asking endless questions, and in general making a nuisance of themselves before finally buying a $10 product.
  2. Endless trips to the post office after you have spent way too much time packing and processing those little orders.
  3. Endless whining from your new customers when things go wrong or they don’t like something and want to return it. In some cases, your new customers will just turn out to be scammers who claim they never received the product at all.
  4. After all the smoke is cleared, you have moved some of your products but not all of them and end up taking a loss on the ones you can’t sell.

Our process is simpler. All you have to do is send us a list of what you have. We will get you an offer (usually for your entire inventory with NO cherry-picking) and if you accept it, we will pay you immediately (typically via PayPal). Once you are paid, we ask that you ship within two business days.

If you are interested in really getting out, we are for you. Not only will we save you enormous amounts of time but you likely will end up with more money in your pocket.