Welcome to MLM Dump

Our Mission: to help you get rid of MLM inventory

Who needs us?

We work with MLM distributors who have decided that MLM (or their particular MLM company) is not for them but have lots of inventory they need to get rid of.

  • Distributors who were front loaded (pressured to buy lots of product when they joined an MLM).
  • Distributors who had to place large monthly orders and have built up a lot of inventory they cannot sell.
  • Distributors and/or customers with products lying around that they do not want.

What we do for you

Once you decide you want to get out of your MLM, we will buy your inventory from you discreetly and up front.

Who we currently work with

We do $100 deals with small distributors and we do $100,000 deals with large distributors. Basically, we just want to keep things easy and safe. If you want that too, we can work with you regardless of who you are and how big you are.

How this works

Just contact us and tell us what you have in mind. If we can work with you, we will give you a price. If agreeable to both sides, you ship us the product and we pay you.

How to get started

Here is our contact information.